Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms of this disclaimer very carefully, it includes important information about the service we provide, your rights, and limits to our obligations to you if things go wrong.

When booking a taxi with us, the customer will specify a collection time and may specify an arrival time at the destination. Whilst we will always aim to collect passengers on time, the nature of road transport means that we cannot guarantee that will happen.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the collection time they have agreed allows sufficient time to reach the destination, taking into account the unexpected events that could occur and delay the journey or our vehicle on its way to them.

Please be aware that there are numerous factors that we cannot prevent or control which may impact or delay a journey with us. For these reasons, we are not responsible for any inconvenience, loss, additional cost or other consequences arising from our failure to provide, or delays in providing, our agreed service. Factors outside of our control include (but are not limited to) adverse weather conditions; accidents involving our vehicle; delays caused by traffic congestion: road works, road closures, accidents and diversions; or mechanical breakdowns which are unexpected and could not have been prevented by a reasonable preventative maintenance programme. No responsibility can be accepted by Cerne Abbas Taxi, Oliver Jackaman or the driver for late arrival at the destination for any reason.

Unpaid Fares

All fares must be paid for in advance on upon arrival at the destination.

Unpaid fares will incur a £20 a week unpaid fare fee. After six weeks a court date will be set to recover the unpaid fare, the unpaid fare fee and all associated court and solicitor costs.